Ship your package CHEAPER and FASTER anywhere in the world!

Shopper is a customer who wants to ship something with the help of a verified traveller through TownBuddy. Shipping through TownBuddy is definitely easy, and all you have to do is follow the below steps ASAP ;)

Application download - Be it android or iOS, we've got you all covered.
Shipment creation- Create a shipment on TownBuddy by posting all the relevant information.
Accept/Acknowledge the request- You can either use the app to ask a certain traveller to deliver your shipment or wait for notifications from the app about potential travellers.
Pay - Once the traveller is confirmed, pay the traveller reward and the shipment will be picked up and delivered.


Let's make travelling profitable!

With TownBuddy you can be a traveller and earn every time youShip your package CHEAPER and FASTER anywhere in the world! travel. You can trade your travelling for a traveller reward by carrying a shipment of a verified sender. All you have to do is follow the below steps PAISA:

Plan your trip: Confirmed about your travel? Just create a trip on TownBuddy, you will be directed to results that match your trip details. Also, do not forget to mention your expected reward.
Accept/Acknowledge the request: You can either use the app to request a sender or wait for notifications from the app about potential shipments. Accept the shipment that satisfies your traveller's reward.
Inform and Inspect: Use our in-app messenger to inform the sender about the location preference, during shipment handover, inspect the shipment and make sure the shipment is legal and not damaged.
Safe travels: Now it's the time to travel safe and update the progress of your trip on the tracking page of the trip.
Achieve your traveller reward: Once you confirm the delivery of the shipment, you'll be entitled to receive your traveller reward.



Ad hoc shipments in the logistics world mean they usually need urgent handling. As such, the sender will often request a delivery with a precise date and time. Ad hoc shipments are tailored according to the needs of the customer, and at TownBuddy, we understand the urgency for delivery.


Get started with TownBuddy and ship your packages cheaper and faster anywhere in the world. From small one-off packages to large shipments, our verified travellers are available to fulfil your requests.


We will also deliver your shipments from India to an address in another country with the help of our available travelers. This way you can send your international shipments in the most fastest way by leveraging the travellers travelling in the same route.


All the payments done in the app are via Razorpay, so that you breathe easy with their industry standard security compliance. Credit card, Debit card, UPI or Internet banking - we have got you all covered.

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